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Simple Organization Solutions

Helping you plan, execute and accomplish your goals

We can help you organize if:

•You need help with your Bookkeeping and QuickBooks, either on a temporary basis or part time.

•You are constantly falling behind in your bills, and your checkbook is overdrawn, and your checks are bouncing; you need to downsize and consolidate your debts but do not even know how to balance your checkbook. 

•Your filing system is in disrepair or non existent or you want to eliminate paper and "go Green".

•You need to have easy access to all your important documents.

•You never had good organizational skills and would love to start afresh.

•A major life event has set you back (newly married, divorced, illness, hospital stay death of a love one); you take care of an ailing spouse, child or parent.

•You are a single parent with too many things to handle. You have a new child and      have no time or are too tired to get organized.

•You have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and need someone to help  you design and implement an organizational schedule.

•You need to submit Health Insurance Claims and get reimbursed on a timely basis.

•You need to apply to Medicare or have a specific question but do not know where to  look for answers. 

•You suffer from chronic disorganization and hoarding.

•You are a teenager and do not know how to organize your time between school work  and extra curricular activities.

•You are planning a wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, etc. and need help with  specific projects. For example, gathering old photographs for a video show;  organizing contact lists; making a schedule of things to be completed before the  event date etc.

•You travel a lot domestically and internationally.

•You own more than one home and find it hard to keep it all organized.

•You have a day/night job that leaves you exhausted and without any desire or energy  to tackle your papers.

•You do not have enough space at home or office to file or store your stuff and need  someone to help you sort it all out.

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